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Tuesday, 28 March 2017


Survivors by David Long and Kerry Hyndman

A Non-Fiction book on survivors throughout history. From Shakelton's Expedition to two men who shared a sandwich at the bottom of the sea, some of the best stories of survivors you will have read yet.

ok, so lets start with the tales. They were written in such a way that it would interest people of all ages. It was interesting for my age, would have been interesting for older people and it was written is such a way that anyone younger than I am could still have understood it very easily, with the trickier parts explained, so that everyone could benefit from the awesome stories. i think that my favourite story was about the guy who had to operate on himself with no antibiotics. That was pretty hard hitting, but also an excellent short story.

Now, onto the illustrations. As the pictures will show, these were absolutely amazing. You would expect real life photos in a non-fiction book, but no, these were definitely drawn.  At the bottom of each page, there was a nice pattern, but that wasn't the best part. There were some absolutely AMAZING double page spreads, showing all the disasters. This was probably useful, as firstly, images probably aren't that readily available, and secondly, images would probably have been a tiny bit too graphic.  At the top of each chapter, there was another little illustration. I think that the illustrations were probably some of the best pieces of book artwork that I have ever seen. You might as well just buy the book for it's illustrations, they were that good.

So yeah, if you didn't realise, I liked the book. It's now my favourite non-fiction book...

I am going to give it a 10/10,
And an age rating of 8+