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Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Nowhere Near You

Nowhere Near You by Leah Thomas

Ollie and Moritz are best friends, yet they can never meet. This is because Ollie is allergic to electricity, meaning either he has a fit when he nears it, or the electricity goes off. Moritz has no eyes, and can see through echolocation, but that is not the reason why they can't meet. Moritz has an electric heart, and them meeting would kill him.

With Ollie now on a roadtrip, to find other "Blunderkids", and Moritz trying to fit in in a new school, how will their corresponence keep up, and what will they find out a long the way...

I liked Nowhere Near You! It was a good follow up to Because You'll Never Meet Me, a book I enjoyed greatly. At times it was funny, at times it was sad. I liked that it was a new take on the whole "first person two points of view" thing, that is now so common in the books we read. I must say, I loved Ollie's personality, all bubbly, and trying to make people smile. I wasn't so sure about Moritz's, as it was a little bit darker, but then again, after all he had been through, I guess that was acceptable. The Author, Leah Thomas, did a good job at imagining all the different 'Blunderkinder', their dissabilities/superpowers were very imaginitive, as were their personalities. My favourite was Arthur, who was cool, happy, friendly, and was fragile and yet not fragile at the same time.

One of the only things that I didn't get was why Ollie was dangerous to cars. Of course, electric cars would be a problem, but diesel and petrol cars? (This probably shows you my lack of knowledge in cars, if I am incorrect about the use of electricity in cars please comment) 

I am going to give it an 8/10
And an age rating of 12+#

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Tuesday, 1 August 2017

New Logo

You may or may not have realised that I have updated the favicon at the top of my page! Whilst the old one was clunky, and you couldn't read what it said, this one feels refreshingly bright!

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