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Thursday, 23 June 2016

Silence is Goldfish

Silence is Goldfish by Annabel Pitcher

Tess has discovered something that could tear her family apart. So instead of telling them she knows, Tess goes on a silence strike, which doesn't go down to well with her "Friends".

Sorry, that description is very vague, but it was the only way I could describe it without giving to much away. I thought it was a really well written book, as when your main character hardly speaks, in a literal not metaphorical way. I think the characters were well developed, and I like the plot.

I am going to give it a 9/10
and an age rating of 12+

Monday, 13 June 2016

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Sunday, 12 June 2016

Dogs Don't Tell Jokes

Dogs Don't Tell Jokes by Louis Sachar

Gary Boone has known all his life that he is going to be a comedian when he grows up. So when his school decides to have a talent show, he thinks its his turn to shine. But as the date of the show becomes closer, Gary starts to wonder if he is funny any more.

This book will have you in hysterics. Even the bad jokes are good. As expected from a Louis Sachar book, it is wonderfully written. It is set in the same world as as Someday Angeline, with the same characters. It really proves that you can never be too old for a kids book.

I am going to give it an 8/10
and an age rating of 8+

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Saturday, 11 June 2016

New Guard

New Guard by Robert Muchamore


A double kidnapping. A terrorist organisation. Can James Adams bring back the old crew, plus a few additions, in the thrilling last book of the cherub series.

I LOVE THIS BOOK. Often, as a series goes on, the quality of the book get worse and worse. But not the cherub series, and New Guard really proves it. I love that all the old characters meet all the new ones. Cherub really has gone out with a bang!

I am going tog give it an 10/10
and an age rating of 12+