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Sunday, 27 December 2015

Old school

Old school
The latest diary of a wimpy kid
By Jeff Kinney
Greg loves playing on video games. He can't imagine life without a phone and, to be honest, he takes it all for granted. That is until his mum starts a petition against the electronics. When the position takes off, his town voluntarily goes for a weekend without electronics. What is Greg going to do?
Luckily there is a school trip away from town for an entire week. Greg thinks his luck is in. How wrong could he be.
I think this book was alright but not Kinney's finest. It goes of message when they go on the school trip. This trip lasts to the end so a lot of our is not about found old school. Some people might think that this is a major part of the book so should have been focused on more but I think it was still a perfectly good book. As I said though, it's not one of his finest. If you want a better diary of a wimpy kid hard luck, the third last, is better.
I am going to give it 7/10 and am age rating of easily 8+, probably kids younger could read it as well. If you think you are to old, I'd still give it a go as it can make anyone laugh.

Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Class A

Class A  (second in the cherub series) By Robert Muchamore

James is an ordinary boy. He goes to school, although he's really good at maths, He sometimes likes a punch up, He has a temper. Theres just one thing thats different about him. His mum is a burglar. He has everything he wants. So when his mum dies from an alcohol overdose he thinks he's lost it all. That is until cherub, A spy agency for kids approaches him... .

I think this is a very entertaining read and that anyone into spy books should give it ago. The only problem is that half of it is sort of a love story so it can get a bit boring there. The good thing is that is part of a very long series, all just as good as each other, so if you like it theres a lot more in the series.

I think this book, and the many more after, are good for ages 11+
I am giving it a 9.5/10

Monday, 21 December 2015

Lottery Boy

  Lottery boy by Michael Byrne

Bully has been out on the streets since his mum died. He lives in fear of the man that goes by the name of jinks. Jinks has a favourite pastime, to go round stealing from the homeless. When Jinks steals £20 off bully, bully thinks his luck is out. That is until he finds a lottery ticket that will change his life.

I think that Michael Byrne has really made it feel like you are bully and makes you feel sympathetic for bully at his worst times and happy for him at his best times.
I think that it is suitable for kids aged 11+.
I am going to give it a 9/10.

Thursday, 17 December 2015

Hi People

I've now done three reviews and I was wondering if I was actually being helpful.
I was also wondering if you guys thought my reviewing  skills were all right(ish)
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Hero on a Bicycle

Hero on a Bicycle by Shirley Hughes

Paolo is a young boy living on the outskirts of florence during the second world war. He is desperate to join the partisans, a group of rebels fighting the nazis, but they think he is too young. When two escaped prisoners of war comes to stay at his house it makes him even more determined to join. But still, he can’t. So Paolo tries to help in any other way.

This story is great for people who like books such as the Liam Scott series as well as private peaceful and war horse.

I think this book would be good for ages 10 to 13 and, as it’s a Shirley Hughes, I say give it a go.

Wednesday, 16 December 2015

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Jinxes Fire

Jinxes Fire by Sage Blackwood

Its time to embrace the ice!

Jinx's fire is the thrilling third book in the Jinx's series.
It's a magical story of friends, enemies and finding love in those you don't like that much.
This is also twisted in with the classic good and bad story.
My favourite character was jinx because his powers are awesome.
My favourite part was when jinx was talking to the elf princess because it is very magical!  

I think this book is good for all spook fans, as well as Skulduggery pleasant fans.
If You're aged 10 to 15 I think you should give the book a go.  

the Boy in the Tower

the boy in the tower by polly ho-yen

ade is a just a ordinary boy with an ordinary life. he loves living at top of a tower block and he loves his life.
but one day a building falls randomly near is home. An incredibly stable building. luckily no one is hurt.
the buildings keep falling though, with no reason whatsoever.
one day ade goes into school and an announcement is made.
two children aren't with them any more. the next day its a teacher...

this is a heart wrenching story of survival.
it also focuses on a theme of depression and death.
i thought it was really well written and very realistic.
i'd say it was a good book for people 10 and over.
my rating is10/10

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