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Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Class A

Class A  (second in the cherub series) By Robert Muchamore

James is an ordinary boy. He goes to school, although he's really good at maths, He sometimes likes a punch up, He has a temper. Theres just one thing thats different about him. His mum is a burglar. He has everything he wants. So when his mum dies from an alcohol overdose he thinks he's lost it all. That is until cherub, A spy agency for kids approaches him... .

I think this is a very entertaining read and that anyone into spy books should give it ago. The only problem is that half of it is sort of a love story so it can get a bit boring there. The good thing is that is part of a very long series, all just as good as each other, so if you like it theres a lot more in the series.

I think this book, and the many more after, are good for ages 11+
I am giving it a 9.5/10