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Sunday, 27 December 2015

Old school

Old school
The latest diary of a wimpy kid
By Jeff Kinney
Greg loves playing on video games. He can't imagine life without a phone and, to be honest, he takes it all for granted. That is until his mum starts a petition against the electronics. When the position takes off, his town voluntarily goes for a weekend without electronics. What is Greg going to do?
Luckily there is a school trip away from town for an entire week. Greg thinks his luck is in. How wrong could he be.
I think this book was alright but not Kinney's finest. It goes of message when they go on the school trip. This trip lasts to the end so a lot of our is not about found old school. Some people might think that this is a major part of the book so should have been focused on more but I think it was still a perfectly good book. As I said though, it's not one of his finest. If you want a better diary of a wimpy kid hard luck, the third last, is better.
I am going to give it 7/10 and am age rating of easily 8+, probably kids younger could read it as well. If you think you are to old, I'd still give it a go as it can make anyone laugh.