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Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Word Nerd

Word Nerd by Susin Nielsen

When three school bullies try kill Ambrose, his mother decides to home school him. Ambrose finds himself getting insanely bored. Normally, when he is at home, he plays scrabble. But his mum has mum has to work and can't play.So when his upstairs neighbour's son, Cosmo, an ex-con, moves in, Ambrose see's it as a chance to make a new friend and play some scrabble. But his mum doesn't trust Cosmo. Can Ambrose keep this new friend a secret from his mum?

Word Nerd is from the author of We Are All Made Of Molecules and The Reluctant Journal of Henry. k. Larsen. Both of these books are amazing, and I wasn't expecting Word Nerd to be anywhere near as good. But I was surprised, as I could hardly put it down. It was well written, and I think first person suited it. I liked the characters and how unlikely there situation was. I think my favourite characters were Mr and Mrs E, Ambrose's upstairs neighbour. They were really funny. I liked the way there were quite a few things going on at the same time, such as Amelia and Cosmo ( A story in itself ) and Ambrose and Cosmo making friends.

I am going to give it a 10/10
and an age rating of 12+