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Saturday, 26 November 2016

The Racehorse Who Wouldn't Gallop

The Racehorse Wouldn't Gallop by Clare Balding
Illustrated by Tony Ross

Charlie loves horses. But, unfortunately, her family is running out of money. Soon they will have to sell their farm and all the animals. They can hardly buy milk, let alone a horse. Charlies dad can see that Charlie is sad, so he offers to take her to a horse show. During bidding for a reluctant racehorse, Charlie sees her friend across the ring and waves. The auctioneer views this as a bid for the horse, and suddenly Charlies family owns a racehorse. Can Charlie think of a plain to save her family, her farm and the horses. Derby day is just around the corner...

To start off, the plot works for every one, regardless if they are a boy or a girl, 5 or 50, horse lover or not. I loved the plot. The writing reminded me of David Walliams, and the fabulous illustrations helped that. My favourite character was Joe the farm hand turned jockey. I also liked how the book was based on Clare Balding's love of houses, and how she had experienced a lot of the horse related aspects of the book first hand.

I am going to give it 9/10
and an age rating of 7+