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Sunday, 20 March 2016

Blood Oath

Blood Oath ( Gladiator School 1) by Dan Scott

Lucius' dad has been proclaimed a traitor and Lucius and his family have lost everything. Luckily, their uncle has decided to put them up and give Quintus, Lucius'brother,  a job as a gladiator.  But Lucius doesn't trust Ravilla,  the uncle.  With the help of Egyptian slave girl Isidora,  he tries to prove that his father is innocent and his uncle is up to no good.

I really liked this,  although it is one for slightly younger people. The plot was pretty well thought up,  the characters were awesome and there was a bit of educational value in there as well.  My only criticism is that at some points the quality of the actual writing get could be pretty average.

I an goong to give it a 8/10
And an age rating of 9+

Sorry if this post has a few grammatical errors,  I wrote it on a phone. ☺