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Saturday, 11 March 2017

Crongton Knights

Crongton Knights by Alex Wheatle

McKay lives on South Crongton council estate. It's dangerous, police everywhere, bailiffs knocking at the door, his brother out all night and Manjaro, the top gangster on the estate, has disappeared. And then, if things couldn't get any worse, McKay strays off his turf on a rescue mission for a girl...

At the beginning, I really wasn't sure about Crongton Knights. I got it when we did 'blind date with a book' as a replacement to Fire Colour One, which I had already read. It really didn't seem my type. And I got around a quarter of the way through without realising what half the words meant. A lot of it is written in slang. I just felt really confused. But at around that quarter mark, I started to get it. I fell into the rhythm of the back, and it got a lot better. It just goes to show if you persist with something, then you might come out having actually enjoyed it. Now, onto the plot. I liked the fixation on cooking. It's one of those hidden talent things, that always works with me. The plot was action packed, and most of the book took place over one, horrendous night. Another thing that I liked was how McKay kept referring to him and the others as 'Knights', giving a title to the book. I really liked that. The title wasn't from just one big thing, but lot's of little hints throughout the story. And the best thing was the recipes at the end of the book. Linked in with the cooking theme, there are three recipes at the back so that you can 'Cook like the south crong crew'. So, to conclude, Crongton Knights had a hard to understand beginning, and a brilliant end.

Update: i tried to make the kofta from the recipies at the back of the book. It came out alright! I mean, it tasted a tiny bit bland, but I don't know if this was because of the recipie, or because I'm not very good at cooking. I don't know, but it might be worth trying. I liked it, but other people in my family thought it didn't taste too​ great.

I am going to give it a 7/10
And an age rating of 13+

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