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Wednesday, 2 November 2016

There Will Be Lies

There Will Be Lies by Nick Lake

   Shelby thinks her life is normal. She is homeschooled by her mum (On the days her mum doesn't work), does homework on the other days and on Friday she goes to the batting cages and the ice cream parlour. Shelby's mum is incredibly over protective. But Shelby doesn't mind. She does have reasons to be.
   But Shelby's life is literally knocked sideways, when she gets knocked over by a car. In the few seconds after her accident, she sees a coyote.
"There will be two lies, and then there will be Truth"
   The second Shelby is ready to leave hospital, her mum takes her away on a 'Road Trip'. But Shelby soon discovers not all is at it seems.

There will be lives is now probably one of my favourite books. After reading it, I just thought "Wow". Shelby is not your average person (I'm trying so hard for there to be no spoilers, so the writing may be slightly *thinks of the right word* wonky!?), and many people would have trouble writing from her point of view. But not Nick Lake, who made it seem entirely believable. An interesting fact is that, even though the book is set in america, Nick Lake is from England, and I didn't notice any slips (Although I'm not from America, so feel free to correct me in the comments if you are American and have read the book). There is a bit of something which can only be described as dual dimension. There are two dimensions in the book. This was the first time I have seen dual dimension (once again, if there is a technical name for it, tell me in the comments) and it was pulled off nicely. My only criticism is that I think portraying the as the Crone was harsh, as even though she did bad things, she still loved Shelby. You'll understand when you read the book.

I am going to give it a 9/10
and an age rating of 11+