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Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Cloud 9

Cloud 9 by Alex Campbell

Leata - Helping the World feel more positive!

Tom dad has died. He killed himself, or at least that's what Tom's been told. But he's suspicious, the detective in charge of the case wants to know exactly what he's up to, all the time.

Hope or the livelifewithhope girl has lived next to Tom since forever but they haven't spoken in the last 5 years. But when her Dad asks her to keep an eye on Tom, she does it.

Leata (not a person, a drug) is legal drug that spreads positivity. But Tom and Hope think it has some negative secrets.

Together, they try to work out these mysteries, but can they do it before they end up like Tom's dad?Dead.

When I picked up this book, it looked really good. Unfortunately, I soon got confused. It was hard to work out what had just happened i.e. s/he was on that side and now s/he's on this side! And so on and so forth. Also, there was a bit of love story, sort of. If it was meant to be a love story, which it may well have, it needed to be clearer.

i think that this book should be a 6/10
and an age rating of 11+.