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Thursday, 7 January 2016


Unwind  by Neal Shusterman.

The story follows three teens who run away from being unwound. Unwinding is a way in which a child is terminated and at the same time kept alive. There's Conner, who's been in so many fights his parents cant handle him, Risa, Who is a ward of the state and is being unwound due to budget cuts, and Lev, a tithe born to a rich family who believes that they should give a tenth of all there stuff to the church and, as lev is the 10th child, he's on his way to the harvest camp. Connor manages to over power the driver 9of the van taking him to the harvest camp but as soon as he gets out he is venerable. Using lev as a shield he gets a way. While all this is happening Risa, who's journey has been disturbed by the awol unwinds, Manages to escape and run after the two boys. They think they are safe but there is so much more to come.

i think this book was really well. All the details were there so you couldn't really get lost and not sure, unlike other books of the same sort. i personally really liked it but some people might find it a bit gruesome.

i think that it is a definite 9/10
and an age rating of 11+ due to the slightly disturbing concept of unwinding.