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Saturday, 6 May 2017

Dougal Daley, it's Not My Fault!

Dougal Daley, It's Not My Fault! by Jackie Marchant illustrated by Loretta Schauer

Dougal Daley is dead. Deader than dead. The deadest there is. This is beacuse:

A) The creature in his shed wants to eat him

B) His family and friends want to kill him and it's not his fault!! He hasn't done anything!!!

   Dougal Daley, It's Not My Fault is a funny younger childrens book. Whilst it is not what I would normally read, I was surprised to find myself really enjoying the humour of the book. My favourite parts were when Dougal was writing his will, I thought that it was funny that someone of that age was thinking so much about death. It was also funny that the title were things like "I, Dougal Daley, am even deader than before." The best bit about it was that half the time he wasn't even about to die, he was just scared of his parents. Dougal would keep writing notes to the police that if they ever found him killed in a certain way, then it would have been so and so (Normally his annoying older sister). On the subject of sister, there was always a funny brother and sister rivalry going on. Once or twice, it was her fault that he was in trouble. Dougal couldn't spell Sibble Sybil. Sybil, as well as everyone else, interjected into his writing, with notes that could sort of give you their perspective. I thought that it was brilliant that it was written from Dougal's perspective, as you mainly got his perspective when telling the story. This generally involved blaming someone else at the beginning. "Well, it was the hamster who started it really", or something like that.
   Now, onto the illustrations. These were brilliant, cartoonish pictures that were inserted into the book. Often, they might tell a story in there own, or add to the story. They reminded me of a mix between the Beano and Diary of a Wimpy Kid.
   Finally, onto someone elses opinion. One of my younger brothers is much closer to the age that the book is meant for. whilst he hasn't yet read the entire thing, as I was writing this review, he was reading out one of the pages nearer the start in fits of laughter.

I am going to give it an 8/10
And an age rating of 7+
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Jackie Marchant, The Author

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Loretta Schauer, The Illustrator
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The Book itself!

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